Why is Anita Meeker running for Circuit Clerk? 

Because these are changing times!

Over the past 5 years the AOIC (Administrative Office of the Illinois Court) has been aggressive in their review of all policies and standards in terms of technology. They have opened our ability to move into an era where we can reduce our dependence on paper and provide service in more efficient and effective ways. Over the past five years she has spent every day working with the various County departments to see where efficiencies and dollars can be optimized.  Three of those years were spent daily inside the courtrooms following the process back to where the paper originates and working with those departments to effect change. Her efforts have saved the Peoria County departments (and ultimately the taxpayers that support them) thousands of dollars. During that time, she was able to observe many deficiencies in the current office. Challenging an incumbent is never an easy road, but Anita feels like her experience and knowledge could take the office to the next level. And has seen many more opportunities for cost savings that were not welcome by the current official. The opportunity to provide new leadership, teamwork, cooperation and drive overall improvement is the catalyst for why Anita is running.

And to the voters in Peoria County:  A vote for Anita Meeker is a vote for change. Her opponent (the incumbent) has run unopposed for more than a decade. 

Remember your VOTE is your VOICE.  It’s time you had a choice. 

Excellence | Teamwork | Innovation | Efficiency

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