Why am I running for office?

First of all, I am not a politician; I’m a taxpayer like you, and never thought I would be running for an elected office. When I started working for Peoria County as a Process Improvement Specialist, many of my projects involved working with the Circuit Clerk’s office. It was in the interactions with the incumbent that I saw lack of engagement, barriers to progress, failure to collect fines and fees, lost revenue to our county, and failed audits.

As a voter, I was absolutely astounded that the incumbent, elected in 2002, was not only still in office, but that no one had ever run against him!!

I was overwhelmed by what I experienced and felt the voters needed to know the truth; and they deserved to have a CHOICE. 

I am running for office because it is essential to have the right person in the job! The Circuit Clerk’s office is one of the most critical service organizations in the county. Local governments across the country rely on their Circuit Clerk to be the official record keeper for the courts and to serve judges, states attorney, the county board, law enforcement, social service agencies, witnesses and jurors. The Circuit Clerk’s office is literally the HUB for the entire courts and justice system. It is also the first point of contact for many of the citizens of Peoria and other counties and their local government.

I am running for office because times have changed!!! In the past 5 years alone, the Administrative Offices of the Illinois Courts (AOIC) have completely changed the way we do business, making it easier for local government to serve the public. Technology now drives the processes; we no longer carry around a folder full of papers that you can look through to get what you need. We need a Circuit Clerk who will continually review law, technology, policies and procedures to increase efficiency and effectiveness to those they serve.

I am running for office because as a voter we have rights!!! The right to expect long-term politicians to get better at their job each year…not worse. The right to expect our elected officials to do the right thing when mistakes are made, instead of having a 3.2 million dollar loss of revenue to the county because the incumbent failed to collect Child Support fees!!!

I am running for office because this office needs effective leadership in order to honestly serve the citizens of Peoria County, and I have the experience, the skill-set, the ability, and the heart to bring people together to get the job done!!

Because I’m running for office you now have a choice. Your vote is your voice, so vote for change!! On November 3rd, vote for me, Anita Meeker for Peoria County Circuit Clerk. I will work hard for you.

You can find the audits by clicking on this link:

 *Peoria County Annual reports performed by Sikich LLP


Remember your VOTE is your VOICE.  It’s time you had a choice. 

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